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Barbecue Tips & Grilling Tips to Make Your Next Barbecue Sizzle!

When you think of barbecue or grilling, you think of men cooking. From the cave man days to the present time - men love cooking over fire.

Well guys & gals, I started this site because I love to barbecue and will pass on the barbecue tips I've learned and some of the best I've found online.

If it involves grilling meat - I'll be doin it.

man barbecueing on his grill - drinking a beerI will try to bring you as many barbecue tips as I can. So, pop a beer, fire up the grill, and let's start to barbecue.

If you want more barbecue tips, head on over to my barbecue blog at Barbecue Tips. I'd love for you to post comments there as well. You may have some barbecue and grilling tips I don't mention here that will help us all become better barbecuers.

Barbecue is not just for men, by the way. All ladies welcome. :-)

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barbecue anyone?This is my grandson grilling. He flipped his first burger at age 2. When I say real men cooking, I mean all year round no matter what the weather. You can see the weather does not deter him any.

Grilling year round - The only way to go!

I don't think you can ever get too many barbecue tips. I read plenty of books and watch the cooking show when they are talking barbecue secrets.

Try making your own barbecue sauce using some of the barbecue sauce recipes you will find on this site. It adds a unique taste to your meats that no one else will match.

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